WATCH, Fisrt match of Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron

The padel world is excited as Juan Lebron and Paquito Navarro, once unstoppable duos, are set to reunite after five years. The "superpibes" reunited after a five-year gap, with Lebron partnering with Ale Galán and Navarro exploring new partnerships. The pair has already registered for the Premier Padel competition in Belgium, with fans eagerly anticipating their potential to recapture their old magic and dethrone the reigning champions. The anticipation is palpable.

navarro and lebron playing together
navarro and lebron playing together

In a surprising turn of events, the padel world is abuzz with excitement as two titans prepare to reunite. Juan Lebron and Paquito Navarro, once an unstoppable force, are set to grace the courts together once again.

Cast your mind back to the golden era of padel. Navarro and Lebron—affectionately known as the “superpibes”—were a formidable duo. Their chemistry was electric, their shots precise, and their strategy impeccable. Together, they conquered tournaments, shattered records, and left fans in awe. But fate intervened, and the superpibes parted ways. Lebron teamed up with Ale Galán, embarking on a triumphant journey that saw them dominate the World Padel Tour. Meanwhile, Navarro explored new partnerships, seeking that elusive championship title.

The Reunion

Now, after five years, the stars align once more. Lebron and Navarro have announced their reunion. In an Instagram post, they shared their excitement: “We are very happy to be back! With a lot of will to give everything on the court, an exciting challenge begins. Let’s go team!”1.

Padel enthusiasts are ecstatic. The prospect of Lebron’s powerful smashes combining with Navarro’s finesse at the net is tantalizing. Can they recapture their old magic? Will their synergy be as potent as before? Fans eagerly await answers.

Lebron and Navarro have already registered for the Premier Padel competition in Belgium, scheduled from April 22 to 28. The anticipation is palpable. Can they dethrone the reigning champions? Only time will tell.

Here is their first practice match.