Optimal court position in padel

Sandy emphasizes the importance of correct padel court positioning, including aligning behind the service line, adjusting to the number of glass panels, and using the posts as references. Players should avoid standing too close to the net, and adapt to the situation and opponents' movements.

Sandy discusses the significance of correct positioning for padel players on the court. Players should align behind the service line when at the back of the court, adjusting their position based on the number of glass panels.

This position is crucial for most shots, returning serves, and defending. At the net, players use the posts as references, with the third post serving as the starting volley position. Players should avoid standing too close to the net, making it easy for opponents to lob the ball over them. The second post is the recommended line for standing at the net.

The video underscores the importance of understanding the fundamental court positions and adapting accordingly to the situation and opponents’ movements.