HEAD surprises with the new rackets from Arturo Coello, Ari Sánchez and Paula Josemaría

The HEAD Extreme Pro LTD, Extreme Motion LTD and Speed ​​Motion LTD are the new exclusive models of the number 1

Fantastic news for fans of padel tennis. Presenting their new Signature Racquets, the brand’s most exclusive rackets, HEAD PADEL once again demonstrates their commitment to self-improvement. These three models were created in close collaboration with their top players, Paula Josemaría, Ari Sánchez, and Arturo Coello, who helped with the process to provide a better end product.

The new HEAD rackets, which blend style and the newest technologies to produce an unexpected outcome, are now available for players who wish to feel like their idols on the court. Not only do the three racquets from the Austrian manufacturer function well on the court, but they also have the players’ signatures, which adds an even more unique touch.

Moreover, their technical characteristics are identical to those of the models in the general collection. We mention, for instance, the well-known and ground-breaking Auxetic technology, a hybrid hitting surface that enhances power and controllability by fusing carbon fiber and glass. Furthermore, the soft plug at the base of the grip on the new HEAD Extreme Pro LTD, Extrem Motion LTD, and Speed Motion LTD lessens vibrations and enhances the feel and touch of every stroke.

To put it briefly, these three outstanding models guarantee the player’s greatest pleasure. We will therefore concentrate on demonstrating each blade to you one at a time so that you don’t miss any subtleties.