How to hit a proper chiquita finding the right tactic

German Schafer emphasizes the importance of positioning, timing, patience, precision, and strategic positioning in padel. He advises players to join opponents on one side, switch roles, wait for moves, follow through with the racket, and control the pace. He also suggests creating zones for decision-making and avoiding rushing.

German Schafer shares insights on mastering the chiquita shot in padel. He emphasizes the importance of positioning and timing, advising players to join their opponent on one side and be prepared to switch roles.

German encourages patience and precision, suggesting waiting for opponents to make a move before playing the shot. He also emphasizes the need to follow through with the racket and be aware of the opponent’s position for shot placement.

Players should avoid playing the chiquita shot as a half volley too soon and instead focus on strategic positioning and controlling the pace. German emphasizes the importance of not rushing and keeping the opponent behind and suggests creating zones on the court to simplify decision-making.

Overall, the lesson highlights the importance of patience, good volley skills, and strategic positioning in playing the chiquita shot effectively in padel.