Master tips on how to hit a Kick Smash in padel

Daniel Dios explains the key to executing a successful kick smash shot in table tennis. He suggests practicing grip changes, bending knees, turning shoulders, and sideways with the racket. He emphasizes wrist pronation and snap for top spin. The contact point should be in front of the right shoulder for optimal weight transfer. The key is proper technique and timing, not solely relying on power.

Daniel Dios provides insights into executing the kick smash shot in padel. While it requires some power, the right technique simplifies the process for both backhand and forehand players. Backhand players have a better angle for the shot.

Dios suggests practicing grip changes for added spin and emphasizes preparation, including bending the knees, turning the shoulders, and getting sideways with the racket behind and below the head. In another part of the video, the coach focuses on wrist pronation and snap for generating top spin.

He demonstrates the correct throwing action, emphasizing a loose wrist for more spin and acceleration.

The contact point for the kick smash should be in front of the right shoulder, allowing for optimal weight transfer and use of body leverages.

The coach also stresses the importance of identifying the right area on the court, receiving the ball with the contact point between the head and right shoulder, and using a backhand grip with a loose wrist for maximum power and technique. Overall, the key to a successful kick smash is proper technique and timing, rather than relying solely on power.