Fede Chingotto on Galan: “I am with the best”

Players like Fede Chingotto are utilizing their three-week hiatus from Premier Padel to the P2 in Brussels by conducting interviews and providing training. Chingotto is happy with the start with Ale and highlights their ability to compete in crucial moments.

chingotto and galan
chingotto and galan

A lot of players are making the most of their three-week hiatus from Premier Padel till the P2 in Brussels is played by doing interviews. In this instance, Fede Chingotto conducted an interview with our colleagues at Flashscore in addition to providing training. Let’s review the main points he left for us.

During a recent interview, talking about joining forces with Galan, Chingotto commented: I am very happy with the start with Ale and how it has gone. What I highlight the most is that we compete very well. We didn’t have good preparation and we knew we were tight in terms of filming time, but I think we complemented each other well.

We had it difficult in the round of 16 -against Valdés and Méndez-, the quarterfinals were also tough against Sanyo and Paco, in the semis it was Martín and Franco… I am left with that ability to compete in the most important moments.

It seemed like we had been together for many months, but we played two or three games – in preparation – at most. No training or anything. This means that we can adapt much better as time goes by and get the most out of it as a team.”