Bordeaux P2 will suffer the absence of Coello, Tapia, Chingotto and Galan and other top teams and players

The Premier calendar restructuring has resulted in several absences of top couples in the Bordeaux P2, with the top four seeds not competing. The tournament will provide opportunities for lower-ranked players, as players prioritize points and travel.

coello tapia chingotto and galan

There are many P2 tournaments set up this year, and many players are starting to prioritize points and travel. Given the restructuring that the Premier calendar has undergone in the second half of the year , there are quite a few absences of top couples that will be in the  Bordeaux P2.

The three weeks of consecutive competition that the South American tour has had has caused several of the best couples on the circuit to have chosen to rest and prepare for the next big event on the calendar, the Italy Major.

Bela and Tello will start as first seed even if they currently occupies fifth place in the ranking. This means that the top four seeds do not appear in the Bordeaux P2 entries and, therefore, will not travel to France.

Neither Coello – Tapia, nor Chingotto – Galán, nor Paquito – Lebron, nor Stupa – Di Nenno will compete in the Bordeaux P2 . In this way, the second seed will be Mike Yanguas and Javi Garrido , who started the year in tenth position and are now in sixth. They are followed by Momo and Álex Ruiz as the third couple and Maxi – Sanyo closing the top 4.

Bordeaux will be a different tournament, which will give greater opportunities to lower ranked players but who have been pushing very hard from behind.