Chingotto talks about his connection with Ale Galan

The Continental firm in Madrid announced its commitment to padel, sponsoring events organized by Octtagon in Spain and launching new ambassadors Fede Chingotto and Manu Martín.

chingotto talks about his connection with ale galan

In an event reserved for the media in Madrid, the Continental firm presented its great commitment to padel, not only the sponsorship of the events that Octagon will organize in Spain on the Premier Padel circuit , but also the launch of its new ambassadors in this sport, Federico Chingotto and Manu Martín.

We want to bring you what we did to Fede Chingotto, undoubtedly a great protagonist of this first quarter of the season together with Ale Galán, with whom he has already reached the top thanks to having won several titles and with whom we have seen a clear progression and evolution , being right now one of the most complicated players to face.

The connections with Galan

In fact, he himself told us that it was “incredible how we connected but the good thing is that we have a lot of room for improvement”, although he did not want to rule out that more couples would join the fight, especially the ‘Super Pibes’, whom They have faced each other three times on the South American tour “and in all three they have played differently, which shows that they are working hard.”