Ale Galán: “If I had to choose between number 1 and the World Cup, I would choose the first”

Ale Galán recently arrived at the Mad4Padel club in Pozuelo de Alarcón to present his sponsor brand, Finetwork. Despite being tired, he spoke with media outlets.

ale galan in action

On the afternoon of this Wednesday, June 5 , the presentation of Ale Galán, recently arrived from Chile, took place at the facilities of the Mad4Padel club in Pozuelo de Alarcón, along with one of his sponsor brands, Finetwork. An event in which, before going to the track and sharing a masterclass with guests and winners of a raffle and suffering the high temperatures, he wanted to have a few minutes with the press.

Surrounded by a multitude of media outlets among which we were, the man from Madrid answered our questions, visibly tired from the trip but always with his direct and humorous manner, leaving the occasional interesting headline and several readings between the lines.

Next, we leave you with part of the interview and with the words of the brand new runner-up of the last tournament, a player who has recovered his smile and joy in the game alongside Federico Chingotto.

Talking about the World Cup, Galan commented:

“The World Cup is tough but in the end the year is also a prize and I would love to have the number 1 again. I do see Fede in the third turn, he hits harder. I want to go for number 1 and we are going to try to get it there.”