How to hit a bandeja: A defensive smash in padel

Here is a nice tutorial on how to heat a bandeja in padel

The bandeja is a crucial shot in padel, combining elements of a smash and a forehand. As players, we aim to keep our opponents at the back of the court, minimizing their ability to cause damage. In this article, we’ll break down the steps to execute a successful bandeja without any references.

The Basics of the Bandeja

  1. Positioning: As the ball approaches, turn sideways to face the net. Take a few quick steps back to create space.
  2. Racket Preparation: Bring your racket back early, positioning it above your head. Keep your chest facing sideways, arms raised.
  3. Footwork: Set a solid base for your feet as your shoulders rotate. This rotation is essential for generating power and control.
  4. Contact Point: The bandeja is typically a sliced volley. Start the swing from above the contact point of the ball. As you come down on the ball, aim for forehead or eye level.
  5. Racket Face: Maintain a slightly open racket face and create a bit of slice. This defensive shot helps you maintain control during rallies and hold your position at the net.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

  • Overhitting: Remember that the bandeja is not a full-power smash. Focus on precision and placement rather than sheer force.
  • Late Preparation: Start your racket movement early to ensure proper timing and contact.
  • Ignoring Footwork: Proper footwork is crucial for stability and balance during the shot.

Drills for Improvement

  1. Wall Practice: Stand close to a wall and practice hitting bandejas. Focus on control and consistency.
  2. Partner Drills: Work with a partner to simulate game situations. Vary the speed and placement of shots.
  3. Slow Motion Analysis: Watch videos of professional players executing bandejas. Observe their technique and footwork.


Mastering the bandeja takes practice and patience. By following these steps and avoiding common mistakes, you’ll enhance your defensive game and become a more effective padel player. So grab your racket, hit the court, and let those bandejas fly! 🎾🔥