Padel record partecipation in Bali for the Asia Pacific Padel Tour

The Asia Pacific Padel Tour (APPT) Bali Open, held between June 7 and 9, attracted 238 players from 40 countries, showcasing the international appeal of shovel tennis. Indonesia has become the first country to repeat an APPT tournament at the Bali Social Club. The tournament features a Professional and Amateur categories, with cash prizes of $7,500 for the Men's and Women's Pro categories and significant sports equipment for the Amateur category.

padel in bali

Expectations were high but they have far exceeded all the organization’s forecasts. And that, for the Asia Pacific Padel Tour team , is quite a responsibility, as they themselves have admitted.

These days (between June 7 and 9) the Bali Open was held, where no more and no less than 238 players from almost 40 nationalities gathered, a true example of how international the sport of shovel tennis is. and what is growing in popularity in Asia.

In fact, its reception has been so good that Indonesia has been the first country to repeat an APPT tournament, arriving again at the Bali Social Club, a high-quality facility with excellent services, with six glass courts, a gym, a wellness area and recovery, restoration and all the comforts to host the competition.

Although as soon as we know the future of the competition we will tell you about its development, you should know that the APPT Bali Open has had a Professional category and an Amateur category in men’s, women’s and mixed modes. In addition, the tournament will distribute a total of $7,500 in cash prizes in the Men’s and Women’s Pro categories and a significant amount of sports equipment in the amateur category.