VIDEO. Ale Galan training hard on the treadmill

Watch Galan training in this video

ale galan training hard on the treadmill
ale galan training hard on the treadmill

Ale Galan is always determined to improve his padel skills alongside his fitness. The champion has just published the following video on Instagram about his training.

Here is the video.

About Galan

Alejandro Galán, better known by his nickname Ale Galán, has become a sensation in the padel community. His rise from modest beginnings to the top of the sport is quite amazing, as he is currently ranked #1 in the World Padel Tour (WPT) rankings.

Ale Galán fell in love with padel from a young age. He was practically proficient with a padel racket from the time he could walk, having grown up in Madrid, Spain. The urbanization of his parents gave him the ideal environment in which to refine his abilities. He demonstrated his talent and perseverance by participating in junior tournaments at the age of 7.

Ale Galán came from a lowly background, but his perseverance and commitment helped him succeed. He started off training just once a week and worked his way up. Thanks to scholarships, he was able to train more regularly and quickly established himself as a serious player in the lesser categories.

Ale Galán made his professional debut in 2016 at the age of twenty. In the couples category, his collaboration with Juan Cruz Belluati resulted in a top-six position. But the partnership he had with Juan Lebrón was what really made his career. In their first year together, they made it to eight finals and six championships, which was an incredible accomplishment.

Ale Galán’s style of play is centered on making big shots and aggressive plays. He plays the backhand position, which lets him use his powerful technique. His collaboration with Juan Lebrón has changed the game and helped them climb to the top of the WPT standings. Their ability and synchronization allowed them to secure the coveted top spot three times in a row.