Order of play: Thursday Banco De Chile Santiago Premier Padel P1 with Tapia – Coello and Chingotto – Galán

Chile's organization chart delay affects tournaments, with 21 matches on Thursday. Favorites Triay-Fernández vs Casali-Soriano, Quilez-Bueno, Ari-Paula vs Martínez-Guinart, Bela-Tello vs González-Luque, Sager-Oria vs Tabaa-Coello, and Superpibes vs Diestro-Hernández.

banco de chile santiago premier padel p1

With the delay of the organization in Chile, most of the favorites start their appearance in the tournament for Thursday. We can enjoy up to 21 matches on a massive day of padel tennis from the Movistar Arena in Santiago.

The Banco de Chile central court will be the stage from which most of the couples who opt to take the tournament home will debut.

They open the Triay-Fernández vs Casali-Soriano function. In the second turn, Quilez-Bueno will test the moment in which Paquito and Lebron meet. Later, Ari-Paula (champions in Mar del Plata) will jump to face Martínez-Guinart .

After the emotional hangover from Argentina , Bela-Tello returns to the competition against González-Luque. Next, Sager-Oria will face off against Tapia-Coello, in what will be the return of the number one to Chile after everything that happened last year.

To close the day, we will have two matches with protagonists from the top 4 of the men’s ranking: Superpibes vs Diestro-Hernández and Chingotto-Galán vs Patiniotis-Domínguez.

Thursday’s matches and schedules

The action will be distributed between the three courts of the Movistar Arena complex: CC Banco de Chile, C2 La Roche-Posay and C3 Shell. The matches will begin at 9 a.m. local time in Santiago, 3 p.m. European time.

Center Court

  • Casali-Soriano vs Triay Hernández (15 Central Euripean time)
  • Quilez-Bueno vs Navarro-Lebron (following)
  • Sánchez-Josemaría vs Martínez-Guinart (following)
  • González-Luque vs Tello-Belasteguín (following)
  • Coello-Tapia vs Sager-Oria (following)
  • Stupczuk-Di Nenno vs Diestro-Hernández (following)
  • Patiniotis-Domínguez vs Chingotto-Galán (following)

Court 2

  • Salazar-Icardo vs Rufo-Caldera (15 Central Euripean time)
  • Sánchez-Gutiérrez vs Barahona-Zapata (following)
  • Nieto-Sanz vs Belluati-Lamperti (following)
  • Mena-Goenaga vs Yanguas-Garrido (following)
  • Rodríguez-Rodríguez vs Brea-González (following)
  • González-Ruiz vs Solbes-Marti (following)
  • Ruiz-Bergamini vs Gutiérrez-Rico (following)

Court 3

  • Cánovas-Velasco vs – Bellver-Borrero (following)
  • Moyano-Gil vs Muñoz-García (following)
  • Cardona-Guerrero vs Alonso-Arroyo (following)
  • Esbrí-Rico vs Augsburger-Libaak (following)
  • Valdés-Chamero vs Capra-Chozas (following)
  • Semmler-Vilariño vs Rubio Bautista (following)
  • Marcos-Gil vs Campagnolo Leal (following)