Top padel players Victoria Iglesias, Jessica Castelló and Jon Sanz join OnlyFans

OnlyFans has partnered with renowned padel players Jon Sanz, Victoria Iglesias, and Jessica Castelló to create content related to their daily lives as elite athletes, aiming to change the platform's image from a pornographic platform.

victoria iglesias, jessica castelló and jon sanz join onlyfans

Three of the most important padel players on the planet: Jon Sanz, Victoria Iglesias and Jessica Castelló have joined OnlyFans , where they will begin to create content on their channels.

Although the platform is known for erotic content , none of the three will offer anything of the sort. The American company has reached an agreement with them and they will upload videos and photos related to their daily lives as elite athletes. Training, routines, curiosities, fun moments… everything that happens behind the scenes in top-level padel.

This is due to a strategy on the part of OnlyFans, which wants to change the image that the public has of it as a “pornographic company” to become a place where fans can be closer to their idols. To do this, they have seen an opportunity in sport and have opted for the one that is growing the most worldwide, padel tennis. For that reason, they have incorporated three of the most acclaimed players.