Premier Padel full calendar for 2024

padel milan

The three types of events are Major, P1, and P2, based on ranking points and prominence. Majors are the contests with the highest prestige and ranking points. P1 is a lower division than a Major, but it will still draw all of the world tour’s best players and be held in countries where padel is already popular at the community level. In the areas of a P2 event, there will be lots of opportunity for the sport to grow.

At the end of the year, the eight best teams—male and female—compete in the Tour Finals. Four major championships, in Mexico, Italy, France, and Qatar, will be held.

The 2024 season will begin on February 26 with the Riyadh P1 event in Saudi Arabia. Not long after, Qatar will host its first major event of the year. Subsequently, the tour will visit Mexico and Venezuela; in April, it will visit Andalusia and Brussels. In May, Premier Padel will return to South America, visiting Paraguay and Chile for the first time.

The tour then returns to Europe in June and July, culminating in a major in Italy. The action will resume in Europe and the Middle East throughout the next few months, following a mid-season break in August. The Premier Padel tour will stop in new destinations during this time, such as Rotterdam, Dusseldorf, Sweden, Dubai, and Kuwait City.

The first event will take place in Paris in early October, while the remaining two Major tournaments will take place in late October and late November, respectively. A return trip to Mexico is planned for late November. The season’s grand finale will take place at the Milan P1 competition, just like it did the previous two years.

Tournament Place Type Date
Riyadh Season Premier Padel Riyadh, Saudi Arabia P1 February 26 – March 2
Ooredoo Qatar Premier Padel Doha, Qatar Major March 3-8
GNP Acapulco Premier Padel Acapulco, Mexico P1 March 18-24
Puerto Cabello Premier Padel Puerto Cabello, Venezuela P2 March 25-31
Lotto Brussels Premier Padel Brussels, Belgium P2 April 22-28
Sevilla Premier Padel Sevilla, Spain P2 April 29 – May 5
Asunción Premier Padel Asunción, Paraguay P2 May 13-19
Mar del Plata Premier Padel Mar del Plata, Argentina P1 May 20-26
Santiago Premier Padel Santiago, Chile P1 May 27 – June 2
Betclic Bordeaux Premier Padel Bordeaux, France P2 June 10-16
BNL Italy Premier Padel Rome, Italy Major June 17-23
Malaga Premier Padel Malaga, Spain P1 July 8-14
Genova Premier Padel Genova, Italy P2 July 15-21
Finland Premier Padel Tampere, Finland P2 July 29 – August 4
Comunidad de Madrid Premier Padel Madrid, Spain P1 September 2-8
Rotterdam Premier Padel Rotterdam, The Netherlands P1 September 9-15
Düsseldorf Premier Padel Düsseldorf, Germany P2 September 16-22
Greenweez Paris Premier Padel Paris, France Major September 30 – October 6
Sweden Premier Padel Sweden P2 October 7-13
NEWGIZA Premier Padel New Giza, Egypt P2 October 21-27
Dubai Premier Padel Dubai, UAE P1 November 4-10
Kuwait City Premier Padel Kuwait City, Kuwait P1 November 11-17
GNP Mexico Premier Padel Acapulco, Mexico Major November 25 – December 1
Milano Premier Padel Milan, Italy P1 December 2-8
Premier Padel Finals Barcelona, Spain Tour Finals December 18-22