Tolito Aguirre surprises and will return to Premier Padel with new partner Gonzalo Rubio

Tolito Aguirre, a former Mar del Plata P1 champion, will return to Premier Padel with a new challenge at the BNL Italy Major's Foro Italico in Rome. Known for his impressive performance, Aguirre will be accompanied by Gonzalo Rubio, a drive player, making this a unique opportunity for fans to witness his potential in the sport.

leo aguirre

Tolito Aguirre’s fans are in luck again . After the Argentine’s short-lived stint at Mar del Plata P1 alongside Gonza Alfonso, falling in his debut match after experiencing an odyssey to reach the tournament on time, his followers were left with honey on their lips.

However, the man from Buenos Aires will give a new opportunity to all those who were left wanting to know what his ceiling could be in Premier Padel. As confirmed by the registration list for the BNL Italy Major, Tolito will be at the Foro Italico in Rome to play one of the most anticipated tournaments on the calendar.

But the surprises don’t end here. He will do it accompanied by a new teammate, Gonzalo Rubio , also a drive player. For this reason, common sense tells us that, unlike his last participation, the Argentine would return the other way around for this very special occasion.