What games are scheduled in the Mar del Plata Premier Padel P1 on Tuesday?

Couples such as Maxi-Sanyo and Icardo-Salazar will make their debuts in the Islas Malvinas arena. The action begins at 9 a.m. local time in Mar del Plata, which is 2 p.m. in Spain.

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The Mar del Plata Premier Padel P1 is holding its second day of competition this Tuesday.

Numerous couples with a lengthy experience on the circuit make their debut today, including Sanyo and Maxi. The 2018 #1 starts at home against Rico-Gutiérrez in a match between uncle and nephew that is a family affair.

Similarly, it will be intriguing to watch Ale Salazar make his ring comeback when he teams up with Tamara against Saiz-Icardo.

Following their triumph using the wildcard, Chiostri-Sánchez will now take on Moyano-Gil. The matchup between Lamperti-Belluati and Nieto-Sanz will also be difficult.

In the fifth and most visually appealing duels of the day, Castelló-Jensen will put Ustero-Alonso’s developing skill to the test.

In the last game between Capra-Chozas and Barahona-Zapata, the air force will play a significant role.

Center court

Gutiérrez-Rico vs. Maxi-Sanyo (2 p.m. European time)

Salazar-Icardo vs. Saiz-Merino (follows)

Moyano-Gil vs. Chiostri-Sánchez (follows)

Lamperti-Belluati vs. Nieto-Sanz (follows)

Ustero Alonso vs. Castelló-Jensen (follows)

Zapata, Capra, Chozas, and Barahona (follows)

Court 2: Cañellas-Navarro vs. Bellver-Borrero (2 p.m. European time)

Sainz-Llaguno vs. Aguilar-Manquillo (follows)

Domínguez-Luján vs. Pérez-Martínez (follows)

Valdés-Chamero vs. Rubio-Bautista (follows)

Court 3:

Martínez-Guinart vs. Clasca/Pappacena (2 p.m. European time) Perino-Garcia vs. Bergamini-Ruiz

Alonso-Arroyo vs. Windhal-Solano (follows)

Pujals-Marchetti vs. Las Heras-Iglesias (follows)

Sharifova-Martínez vs. Rufo-Caldera (follows)

Sager-Oria vs. Ruiz-Cardona (follows)

Where can I watch the Mar del Plata Premier Padel P2 second day?

All of the matches in this P1 draw in Mar del Plata can be viewed on the official Premier Padel YouTube channel, as they have been all season long up until the quarterfinals. Additionally, you may stay up to date on all the tournament news by visiting the La Chiquita Padel website in Mundo Deportivo.