For the first time ever, the Pro Padel League is staged in Miami.

The Pro Padel League (PPL) teams, including the Orlando-based Flowrida Goats, will compete in Miami for the second season, with the goal of securing a position in the PPL Championships. The Flowrida Goats' match against the Miami Padel Club is highly anticipated.

Ten teams from the Pro Padel League will play this week in Miami as it begins its second season. The goal is to secure a position in the PPL Championships at the end of the season.

This season marks the debut of the Orlando-based Flowrida Goats, led by celebrity team owner and global music legend Daddy Yankee, a best-selling Latin music musician dubbed the “King of Reggaeton.” The PPL teams competing at the Ultra Club for the PPL season opener are the 2023 Champions, Las Vegas Smash, Cancun Waves, Miami Padel Club, Flowrida Goats, San Diego Stingrays, Los Angeles Beat, Arkansas Matrix, Toronto Polar Bears, New York Atlantics, and Houston Volts. These teams represent some of the most iconic cities in North America.

This week’s schedule of games for the Flowrida Goats includes a highly anticipated Friday night matchup against the Miami Padel Club, which will determine whether they move to Sunday’s title game or Saturday’s semifinals.

The first of the PPL’s two back-to-back events will take place at the Ultra Club this week from April 2–7, with the second event taking place from April 9–14.

The top ten teams in the world, featuring 11 players ranked in the top five, will battle for a position in the November PPL Championships later this year.

Daddy Yankee talked with Harry Cicma of CBS News Miami about the game and his club.