Padel World Summit 2024: Malaga becomes the world capital of padel

The Padel World Summit 2024 in Malaga is a major event featuring over 140 exhibitors, over 70 nationalities, and 50% foreigners. The Investor Forum showcases padel startups and the Padel Racket Test.

padel world summit

The Padel World Summit 2024 in Malaga is already underway. Since this Tuesday, the sound of the blades impacting the ball has not stopped, becoming the soundtrack of this fair.

Simultaneously, the Investor Forum has started with a guided tour of the most prominent startups in the world of padel and the activation on the courts with the Padel Racket Test, where visitors can test the exhibitors’ rackets.

The event has five tracks dedicated to various activities and demonstrations. With the participation of more than 70 nationalities, 50% of the exhibitors are foreigners. The exhibition spans more than 15,000 m² and hosts more than 140 exhibitors .

Among them is Prensa Ibérica , the leading group in general information audiences in Spain. With 23 general information newspapers, 4 associated newspapers, 2 sports newspapers, 2 weekly newspapers, 4 magazines and thematic sites, Prensa Ibérica constitutes a harmonious sum of voices, among which SPORT stands out , the official media partner of the Padel World Summit.