PADEL FOR BEGINNERS. How to start playing padel

The YouTube video provides tips for new padel players, including investing in a suitable racket, wearing appropriate footwear, finding a good group, focusing on consistency, learning ball speed, serving time, and earning winners.

The coach offers advice for new padel players. The first tip is to invest in a medium soft and relatively light padel racket, trying out different options for the best fit.

Tip two is to wear appropriate footwear, starting with a running shoe and eventually upgrading to a padel shoe for better stability.

Tip three is to find a good group of players for social matches to experiment with different shots and improve overall.

Tip four emphasizes the importance of consistency, focusing on control and making as many balls as possible.

Tip five advises learning to control the speed of the ball for better consistency and effectiveness.

Tip six suggests taking your time on the serve for a more accurate and consistent serve.

Tip seven emphasizes the importance of getting the return of serve in, keeping it low over the net to avoid being attacked.

Tip eight advises earning winners through getting the ball in play and setting up opponents for difficult situations, while choosing a good partner and seeking coaching advice early are also recommended.