Ale Galan celebrates his 28th birthday with this tweet

Ale Galan celebrated his 28th birthday by tweeting "DEBUT+VICTORIA+28," referring to his successful debut in Asuncion with Federico Chingotto. They won their opening match, showcasing their skills and teamwork, and fans can enjoy the highlights.

galan with his team in asuncion

Ale Galan has just turned 28. His birthday is celebrated in a tweet by @alegalan96, where he mentions “DEBUT+VICTORIA+28,” referring his successful debut in Asuncion with Chingotto. Indeed, Ale Galán and Federico Chingotto have won their opening match in the Asuncion P2 padel tournament with a remarkable performance. They showcased their skills and teamwork to secure a victory in their debut at this prestigious event. The highlights of their match are available for fans to enjoy, providing a glimpse into their impressive form on the court.

This was Galan’s tweet.