Juan Lebron when launching his Babolat at Lamborghini event: “We have made a great team with Paquito”

At the Imola circuit, the man from Cadiz unveils a brand-new, limited-edition padel racket from Babolat and Lamborgini that will cost up to 5,000 euros.

Juan Lebron driving a Lamborghini

The most exclusive padel rackets are produced by Babolat and Automobili Lamborghini, combined with Juan Lebron serving as the guest star at the unveiling of the new model. At the Lamborghini Arena at the Ímola Circuit, the first model’s prototype—the BL001, which will be produced by Lamborghini in a limited run of just 50 units and cost up to 5,000 euros—was unveiled in front of Éric Babolat, CEO of the French company, and Stephan Winkelmann, president and CEO of Automobili Lamborghini. Two further racket sets, BL002» and BL003, will be created and produced at the Babolat headquarters in Sant Fruitós de Bages, close to Barcelona, in preparation for their 2025 release. Lamborghini’s longstanding experience in the design and manufacturing of carbon fiber sports cars, along with its understanding of working with Michelin to create a similar formula, adds to Babolat’s experience in this area.

Along with the two companies, Juan Lebron unveils a limited edition that will be produced in the Lamborghini factory.
About 200 guests and motor enthusiasts attended the new shovel’s unveiling event amid the unmistakable sound of the Lamborghini engines. Juan Lebron also worked his way up as a co-driver on a lap of the Imola circuit. He is forming a new paddle tennis team with Paquito Navarro, with whom he reconnected five years after they achieved success together. In order to test the new racket on a track that the Premier Padel circuit erected almost at the foot of the circuit, he also dressed in shorts.

Sincerely, I’m not prepared to endanger my life right now, so I told him not to press too hard.

After accelerating beyond 300 km/h in a Lamborghini, Juan Lebron
Lebron talked to MARCA about his new journey with Paquito and the day, without getting into too much detail. The Puerto de Santa María resident would rather hold off on making a more thorough evaluation until the season officially begins. “The initial impressions of the blade are excellent, a little softer than what we have, but overall, I would say that the sensations are very positive,” Lebron said. He also discussed his experiences driving at 300 km/h on the circuit after getting into a sports car from an Italian brand and doing two laps. “We have to play in Brussels in two weeks, so I warned him not to press too hard because, to be honest, I’m not ready to risk my life just yet. As everyone is aware, I changed the team, and now that Rodrigo Ovide and Paquito are on board, we have a fantastic team. I have been insisting on a heavy training load for the time being, and to be honest, I am thrilled with it.”

Miguel Ángel Moya, a goalie for Mallorca, Atlético, and Real Sociedad, among others, was also there at the event. He was waiting for his game on the court and the Copa del Rey final, which was scheduled to take place in Seville a few hours later.