Padel to be promoted and launched in Hong Kong

Taikoo Place in Hong Kong is partnering with Padel+ and Adidas to promote Padel, a racquet sport combining squash and tennis. A professional court and Adidas' professional racquets will be available.

padel in hong kong

HONG KONG. Taikoo Place, in collaboration with Padel+ and Adidas, will host a series of events from May 10 to July 19 to raise awareness of Padel, the popular racquet sport that blends aspects of squash and tennis. A professional padel court has been installed at One Island East (near to Taikoo Park) to encourage city people to try out this new activity. This allows sports aficionados to become familiar with the game. During the first month’s weekdays, the knowledgeable Padel+ staff will also be available to provide participants with coaching support and advice.

Additionally, Adidas will be launching its professional range of padel racquets and balls in Hong Kong for the first time, making your experience easier (and more fashionable) and providing you with the greatest equipment to dominate the court! Remember to use the hashtag #PadelWithTaikooPlace when you post your best padel memories on social media to be eligible to win a Padel Tour 2024 laptop sleeve. For additional information, go to