Gonza Alfonso and Tolito Aguirre win their third consecutive title in A1 Padel

Gonza Alfonso and Tolito Aguirre won the A1 Padel in a thrilling match against Tito Allemandi and Ramiro Pereyra, ultimately winning the Chile Open final in a tie break, despite facing numerous challenges and impressive moments.

“The Magicians” are impossible. In A1 Padel, Gonza Alfonso and Tolito Aguirre won again. Nevertheless, they had a tough time against some courageous Tito Allemandi and Ramiro Pereyra, as the Chile Open final was decided in a third-set tie break. Allemandi and Pereyra held their serves through to the tiebreaker in the first set, despite the second seeds’ relentless pressure.

Tito and Ramiro won it 8–6 after managing to save a set point in the match. Gonza and Tolito persevered, breaking their opponents’ serves in the second set. In the sixth game, they would increase this difference on the scoreboard.

The match would go to the third set with a 6-3 score because, despite Tito and Ramiro’s best efforts, they were unable to save the other break. There were several amazing moments in the match, such Gonzalo Alfonso’s victorious counterattack that stopped the crowd in its tracks.

Gonza and Tolito would get off to the greatest start in the pivotal set, leading 2-0. With quick thinking, Tito and Ramiro tied the game at 2-2. Even though they had two breaks and a match point in the tenth game, Alfonso and Aguirre were unable to seal the victory. At last, unexpected death would reappear, but this time it would award the A1 Chile Open to Gonza Alfonso and Tolito Aguirre.