How to hit a chiquita in padel

Sandy emphasizes the importance of hitting a slow "chiquita" shot in padel tennis, which alters the game's rhythm, simplifies footing, and allows time for counterattacks. He advises against rapid half-volley shots and suggests warm-up time in doubles matches and softball practice during volley drills. He also recommends learning slow down and mastering the chiquita and lob combination.

Sandy discusses the significance of hitting a slow “chiquita” shot in padel tennis. This technique, which may be challenging for those with a tennis background, offers three main advantages: altering the game’s rhythm, making it simpler to locate one’s footing, and granting time to counterattack. Hitting slowly also enables players to control the ball’s descent and generate space behind.

Sandy advises against attempting to hit half-volley shots rapidly and instead encourages allowing the ball to bounce off the glass before hitting it. Practicing this skill is crucial, and Sandy recommends utilizing warm-up time in doubles matches to hone it. Additionally, Sandy suggests practicing softballs with the net partner during volley drills to modify the rhythm without disrupting the practice. The coach also recommends resources for learning how to slow down the game and master the chiquita and lob combination in padel.