Huge prize money for the PPL, the Pro Padel League backed by Juan Martin Del Potro

The Pro Padel League (PLL) in Miami is a tennis competition with a $1 million prize pool for different positions. The league has Juan Martin Del Potro as its strategic advisor.

1 million dollars at stake in the PPL (Pro Padel League) that is staged in Mami is the prize for the different positions they have in the different tests. The League has tennis legend Juan Martin Del Potro as strategic advisor

Firstly, it must be clarified that the million euros is completely distributed among all the franchises. This will depend on the position they occupy after each week of competition. As a reminder, each different date of the regular phase is a small championship that will make them add points and money towards the Final Cup.

During the regular phase, it should be noted that all teams will receive a certain amount of money. In some cases it can be quite different, but it depends on how your team plays that week. It should also be noted that during the 4 days that the regular day lasts, the prizes will be the same in terms of quantity. However, in Final Cup there will be a very big jump in prizes.

Within the regular phase, exactly $155,000 per date will be distributed . This amount will be completely distributed as follows: The champion team of each regular date will win $35,000 , while the team that is the finalist will enjoy a prize of $25,000.

One step below, the third place will have a reward of $20,000 , while the fourth place takes home $15,000. However, everyone will have some financial prize and that is, from fifth to tenth they will take $60,000 , or what is to say, $10,000 per team between these positions.

In the Final Cup we will have a quite different format. There will no longer be 10 teams, but there will only be 8.

In this format everything will be different, apart from the teams, the financial award received for qualifying will be the same as if you qualified as a finalist in the regular phase.

Something that many players look for, because they know that economically, with so many trips, the year can be very long.

Even so, the Final Cup, between only 8 teams, will distribute more than double , specifically, $380,000 . This prize will be distributed with $25,000 for the teams that finish between fifth and eighth.

However, qualifying for the semifinals changes a lot, because there will be a $50,000 prize for the fourth place and $60,000 for the third place. This change is at least double for the teams that arrive.

Even so, the biggest prizes are found in the second place winner who will win $70,000. However, the definitive winner of the Pro Padel League, in this case, will win an amount of $100,000. These prizes are distributed over 5 dates and are for each franchise that will decide how they are distributed, but what cannot be denied is the economic infrastructure that they have made available as prizes.

This helps padel spread in other countries, which I wish was not necessary, but it is a risk that we must take if we want internationalization and recognition in padel.