How to improve a chiquita in padel

Hello Paddle Academy paddle coach Andrini helps Pablo improve his chiquita shot, a volley shot aimed at putting opponents under pressure. He emphasizes finding a comfortable distance, correct aiming area, technique, timing, and staying calm under pressure. Andrini advises players to execute the chiquita confidently and avoid technical mistakes.

Andrini, a professional paddle coach from Hello Paddle Academy, assists a player named Pablo in improving his chiquita shot. The chiquita is a volley shot aimed at putting opponents under pressure by hitting the ball below net height. Andrini instructs Pablo on the importance of finding a comfortable distance from the net and opponent, demonstrating the correct aiming area, and offering tips on technique and timing.

He advises players to only attempt the chiquita when confident in their ability to execute it effectively. Throughout the video, Andrini assesses Pablo’s performance, offering suggestions for improvement, such as staying back and arriving at the net position in time. The coach emphasizes the importance of staying calm under pressure and avoiding bad mistakes, even if they are technical in nature.