Injured Fernando Belasteguín will not play the Brussels Premier Padel P2

Fernando Belasteguín, a 16-time world number 1 in Padel, will not be part of the Brussels Premier Padel P2 due to an injury to his right elbow. The injury has caused Belasteguín to struggle with consistency in the 20x10 tournaments and has led to him starting a new project with Juan Tello. The new couple, who will debut in Belgium, will be frustrated by Belasteguín's physical problems. Juan Tello has had to find a new partner for the Belgian tournament, and El Gato will compete with Miguel Semmler, thanks to the individual Lucky Loser.

fernando belasteguin
fernando belasteguin

The ordeal of Fernando Belasteguín continues at the beginning of 2024. After missing the final stretch of last season and being unable to be part of the Hexagon Cup due to a significant injury to his right elbow, the Argentine continues accumulating physical problems that prevent him from jumping to track.

The Boss will not be able to be part of the Brussels Premier Padel P2 due to an injury, although it is still unknown if it is the same discomfort that he has suffered in his right elbow or if it is a new setback.

Bad news for the Belgian public, who will lose the opportunity to see one of the greatest legends of Padel, and also for Bela himself, who cannot enjoy his last year as a professional. The 16-time world number 1 has not found great consistency within the 20×10 in the first Premier Padel tournaments. Without being able to be at 100%, Belasteguín did not find good feelings with Lucho Capra, so he decided to start a new project with Juan Tello. However, the start of the new couple, who would debut in Belgium, has been frustrated by the Argentine’s physical problems. We will have to wait to see them in action on the track, with our eyes focused on whether they can do it in Seville (April 29 – May 5).

Given the loss of Fernando Belasteguín, Juan Tello has had to look for a new partner to compete in the P2 in Brussels. And even more so after the Argentine missed the last two tournaments – Mexico and Venezuela – due to the physical problems of Álex Ruiz, his partner until then.

Thus, El Gato will be able to compete in the Belgian tournament accompanied by Miguel Semmler, thanks to the individual Lucky Loser. The Spaniard has also seen how his usual partner, Ignacio Vilarño, was absent due to physical problems, so this express union has benefited both players.

As confirmed by the tournament registration list, Tello-Semmler will debut as the number 11 couple in the Brussels P2.