Starting with padel rackets, Lamborghini enters the sports equipment market

Automakers like Lamborghini are partnering with Babolat to produce padel racquets for players worldwide. The joint product, BL001, will leverage Lambo's carbon fiber manufacturing experience and be manufactured in the same Sant'Agata Bolognese factory that produces Raging Bull cars and SUVs. The BL001 models will be available in five Lamborghini colors and will be produced in collaboration with Babolat on two other racquets, BL002 and BL003.

babolat lamborghini
babolat lamborghini

Since the beginning of time, automakers have enjoyed associating their brands with some of the most prestigious sporting events worldwide. Getting into auto racing was the most apparent option for them, although some of them also participate in less exhilarating competitions. And for that reason, we see them cheering on winter sports like tennis and golf, as well as football and soccer.
However, supporting these sports monetarily is one thing; really helping them out is quite another. A road that not many people have traveled over the years, but Lamborghini alone appears more than eager to travel.

How many of you are familiar with padel racquets? It’s a tool used in padel, which is, in my opinion, kind of the affluent relative of traditional tennis. Although the rules and score system are the identical, there are differences in the way it is played, including the tools used. For example, if you can believe it, a ball can still be played after it hits the court’s surrounding walls.

The sport began in Mexico in the late 1960s and quickly gained popularity, developing into a business with a $2 billion annual valuation today. And in light of that information, Lamborghini’s involvement makes some sense.

This week, the Italian automaker declared that it will also produce padel racquets for use by players worldwide. It collaborated with Babolat, one of the most venerable companies in the tennis, badminton, and padel gear industries (established in 1875), despite its genuine lack of experience in this sector.

The two firms collaborated to develop BL001, a joint product that will leverage Lambo’s experience in carbon fiber manufacturing and be manufactured in the same Sant’Agata Bolognese factory that produces Raging Bull cars and SUVs.

There aren’t many design differences between it and other padel racquets because there aren’t many options available. However, perhaps the super sports cars’ chassis design served as inspiration for the construction of its frame.

According to Lamborghini, the striking zone’s deformation has been optimized by the peripheral monocoque frame’s exceptional rigidity—a characteristic that sets these racquests apart. It reaches into the handle so that the player’s hand can make direct contact with it, influencing the ball’s velocity and force.

Only 50 BL001 models will be produced by Babolat and Lamborghini; the range’s price has not yet been disclosed. Five Lamborghini colors—Giallo Auge, Verde Viper, Arancio Livrea, Viola Pasifae, and Verde Gea—will be offered for the racquets.

The two businesses will continue to collaborate in the upcoming years on two other racquets, which have already been given the names BL002 and BL003. But Babolat will manufacture these in Spain.