CONFIRMED! The Hexagon Cup will return to Madrid in 2025

The Hexagon Cup, a team padel competition, will return to Madrid in 2025, with additional dates from January 29 to February 2. The event, which unites top players worldwide, features world-class athletes, businesspeople, and entertainers, and is supported by the City Council, Madrid Paddle Federation, and Spanish Paddle Federation.

hexagon cup
hexagon cup

It was expected that there will be a second Hexagon Cup in 2025 given the first edition’s popularity. However, even if there are still many months to go, it has already been confirmed that there would be additional Hexagon Cups in Madrid, and they have already been finalized. January 29, 2025, to February 2, 2025 are the dates.

“We are delighted to announce the return of the Hexagon Cup to Madrid, the world capital of padel, where padel is officially more popular than football,” said Simon Freer, President of the Hexagon Cup. Madrid’s selection as the host city for the Hexagon Cup highlights its centrality to the world padel community and confirms its status as a premier location for elite athletic events.Madrid is home to many of the top padel players in the world. This, along with its thriving sports culture, convenient location within Spain, and first-rate transportation options for visitors from throughout Europe and beyond, make Madrid the perfect place to draw players and spectators from around the globe.

Additionally, the competition’s president has taken the time to express gratitude and highlight the backing of the City Council, the Madrid Paddle Federation, and the Spanish Paddle Federation. “We extend our gratitude to the Madrid Padel Federation, the Spanish Padel Federation, and the City of Madrid, who are our gracious guests.

The C is a team padel competition that unites the top male, female, and “next generation” players worldwide to compete in teams for a prize pool of one million euros, one of the biggest in sports. The event was founded under the motto “For the Fans. For the Players. For the Game”.

Being the first team-based competition, it also features world-class athletes, businesspeople, and entertainers leading each team. Examples of these leaders are Eva Longoria (Eleven Eleven Team USA), Andy Murray (Team AD/Vantage), Robert Lewandowski (RL9), the Rafa Nadal Academy (Rafa Nadal Academy, promoted by Richard Mille), and Carlos López-Lay, a Puerto Rican businessman (Team Bella Puerto Rico). Hexagon owned team put fan vote to use in choosing its starting lineup.