Luigi Carraro highlights the significant growth and popularity of padel in Italy

Luigi Carraro emphasizes that Rome is considered the "Great Capital City of Padel worldwide," and Italy is among the top countries in terms of the number of players and courts. This statement reflects the increasing global interest in padel, a sport that combines elements of tennis and squash, and Rome's prominent position in this trend.

carraro talks about padel

In the heart of Rome, a sport is capturing the imagination of the masses, drawing players and spectators alike to its energetic and engaging matches. Padel, a racket sport that marries elements of tennis and squash, is experiencing a meteoric rise in popularity, and at the center of this phenomenon is Luigi Carraro, the president of the International Padel Federation.

Carraro’s vision for padel extends beyond the confines of traditional sports, seeking to create an inclusive and dynamic environment that appeals to all ages and skill levels. His efforts have transformed Rome into a bustling hub for padel enthusiasts, with the city hosting major tournaments that attract global talent and showcase the sport’s unique blend of strategy and athleticism.

The growth of padel in Rome is a testament to Carraro’s dedication to the sport. Under his leadership, the International Padel Federation has seen a significant increase in affiliated federations, signaling a broader acceptance and recognition of padel worldwide. This expansion is not just in numbers but also in the quality of the federations, reflecting a maturation of the sport’s governance and infrastructure.

One of the pivotal moments in Rome’s padel journey was the BNL Italy Major Premier Padel tournament, which not only featured record prize money but also marked the inclusion of a women’s draw. This move towards gender equality in the sport was one of Carraro’s challenges, and it paid off, with female athletes expressing their enthusiasm and contributing to the vibrant atmosphere of the competition.

The tournament at Foro Italico was a spectacle of passion and precision, with fans filling the stands and players delivering thrilling performances. The success of this event underscored the potential of padel to become a mainstay in the world of professional sports, with its accessibility and entertainment value resonating with a diverse audience.

Carraro’s assessment of the tournament’s success reflects his broader outlook on padel’s future. He envisions a sport that is free and professional, where players can pursue their passion with the support of a robust and fair system. His resignation as president of the players’ association was a step towards focusing on his primary role, ensuring that padel continues to flourish under his guidance.

As padel’s popularity soars in Rome, it’s clear that the city is just one chapter in the sport’s global narrative. With Carraro at the helm, padel is poised to make significant strides, captivating hearts and minds, and perhaps one day, gracing the Olympic stage. The story of padel in Rome is not just about a sport; it’s about a community coming together, united by a shared love for the game and a vision for what it can become.