Sanyo places Juan Martín Díaz as the best player in the history of padel, snubbing Bela

Argentina's Mar del Plata hosted an emotional duel between Sanyo and Maxi, with the 2018 number ones taking the game forward with a 7-5 and 6-1 win. Juan Martín Diaz is considered the best in history.

sanyo places juan martín díaz as the best player in the history of padel, snubbing bela

Argentina is an exceptional stop for many of the circuit, a circumstance shared by Sanyo and Maxi, who were making their home debut—an emotional duel for the talented driver, parallel to his nephew Agustín Gutiérrez.

On a slow court, the 2018 number ones are in their natural habitat, a circumstance that helped them take the game forward with a result of 7-5 and 6-1.

In his post-match statements at the microphone of Isaías Blaiotta, Sanyo left an exciting reflection: “It is a pleasure to return to Mar del Plata, although you will not be surprised by what you see. This city had the best in history, Juan Martín. Down below, we are all worse .”

Although Bela is the record man in Padel with 230 titles in 285 finals, and Sanyo shared the court with him, for the man from San Luis, talent tips the balance. He is not the only player who has expressed himself along these lines. Paquito, whenever he has been questioned on this topic, places Juan Martín Diaz as the best in history.