Naples, Padel in Scampia as means for inclusion and reconciliation

padel in scampia

Padel, Naples, is unquestionably prepared to attack Scampia. They are looking for associations that are willing to take over the recently constructed court in the Corto Maltese park, which is starting to become a representation of the neighborhood’s potential for revitalization. The Ministry of Sports provided funding for the court located within the park, and it was finished during the final days of the Christmas break.

Ever since that day, discussions regarding the structure’s future commenced. Within the past week, Municipality 8, comprising of Chiaiano, Marianella, Piscinola, and Scampia, released a notice inviting the public to “submit expressions of interest regarding the concession of the municipally owned padel court ‘Corto Maltese,’ to be utilized for athletic, leisure, community, and socio-cultural events without financial gain.” Requests can be made to the municipality by associations related to sports, society promotion, volunteer work, social cooperatives, churches, or other religious institutions, as well as by unofficial groups of people who are ready to help others.

But only residents of the eighth municipality are eligible to participate. The municipality will provide free use of the field “for the non-profit holding of sports, recreational, solidarity, and socio-cultural activities in favor of the resident population, particularly the youth of the Scampia neighborhood” for the period of five years under the terms of the concession.

In order to receive the concession, the requester must promise not to ask for money in exchange for using the field, to encourage as many locals as possible to participate in the planned activities at the plant, including boys and students from nearby schools; to obtain an appropriate insurance policy that is commensurate with the activities; and, most importantly, to assume responsibility for active surveillance “as a form of deterrence and prevention in compliance with legality, with the effective and participatory management of the field by the local community.”

By May 27 at noon, expressions of interest must be handed in person to the Municipality 8 Protocol Office, located on the third floor of the Largo della Cittadinanza Attiva offices.