THE DRAWS. Sevilla Premier Padel P2 at Estadio de la Cartuja

The Sevilla Premier Padel P2 is set to take place at the Estadio de La Cartuja, known as the "temple of the racket." The event marks the sixth stage of the Premier Padel 2024 circuit and attracts top players from around the world. The men's draw features 32 pairs, including Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron, and Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia. The women's draw comprises 28 pairs, with the top four seeds receiving byes into the round of 16.

the draw. sevilla premier padel p2

The Sevilla Premier Padel P2 is set to ignite the courts at the iconic Estadio de La Cartuja, affectionately known as the “temple of the racket.” This prestigious event marks the sixth stage of the Premier Padel 2024 circuit, drawing top players from around the world. Let’s dive into the draws and catch a glimpse of the action awaiting us.

Men’s Draw

The men’s draw features 32 pairs competing for glory. Among the notable duos are:

  1. Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron (seeded #2): They kick off their campaign against Javi Rico and Juanlu Esbri, who caused an upset in the first Premier Padel of the season by eliminating Paquito and his former partner Sanyo Gutierrez.
  2. Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia (finalists in Brussels): They face José Antonio Diestro and Pablo Lijo in their opening match.
  3. Federico Chingotto and Ale Galan (also finalists in Brussels): Their debut match is against Javi Ruiz and Pablo Cardona.
  4. Keep an eye out for the return of the legendary Fernando Belasteguin, who partners with Juan Tello.

Women’s Draw

The women’s draw comprises 28 pairs, with the top four seeds receiving byes into the round of 16. Here are some key matchups:

  1. Josemaria/Sanchez (world number 1 and FIP ranking) will face either Canovas/Velasco or Barrera/Caparros.
  2. Brea/Gonzalez (finalists in Brussels) could meet the young duo of Alonso/Ustero.
  3. The top four seeds include Triay/Fernandez and Salazar/Icardo.

The Estadio de La Cartuja is ready to witness thrilling rallies, powerful smashes, and strategic play. As the sun sets over this historic venue, the ‘temple of the racket’ will come alive with passion and intensity. Brace yourselves for an unforgettable padel experience!

men's draw sevilla padel p2

women's draw sevilla padel p2