Galán and Lebron, one step away from meeting again a month and a half after the breakup

The man from Madrid got into the quarterfinals of the P2 in Brussels together with Fede Chingotto, as did the Andalusian with Paquito Navarro. They could meet in the semifinals this Saturday

lebron galan
lebron galan

The Brussels P2 of Premier Padel advances steadily in its round of 16 match this Thursday. The tournament in the Belgian capital is serving as a premiere for many of the new couples generated after the ‘earthquake’ caused by Alejandro Galán’s breakup with Juan Lebron.

In fact, those who were number 1 for three seasons could meet again this Saturday… although on opposite sides of the track . And this Thursday both confirmed, with their respective partners, their presence in the quarterfinals of what is the first indoor tournament of the 2024 season . If they carry out their commitments, there will be a great game on Saturday.

Galán and Chingotto, who are competing in their second test together after being finalists in the P2 of Puerto Cabello,  were the first to confirm their presence in the quarterfinals, decisively defeating Gonzalo Rubio and Jairo Bautista (another duo that was making its debut ). This Friday they will face Pablo García and Emilio Sánchez ,  winners of the duel between Maxi Sánchez and Sanyo Gutiérrez.

For their part, Lebron and Navarro carried out their second commitment since their return five years later , and they did so with better feelings than in their debut. The Andalusians clearly surpassed Javi Ruiz and Pablo Cardona , one of the duos that is shining the most so far this year. His rivals will be Coki Nieto and Jon Sanz.