€233.000 to play padel on a Superyacht

play padel on a superyacht
play padel on a superyacht

The British firm Shipyard Supply Co., which manufactures a broad variety of excellent deck accessories, has developed a new kind of padel that is exclusively intended for superyachts. This creative idea was created at the request of a sailor whose opulent vessel is presently being built, but other boaters can also customize it.

Le padel is absorbing an increasing amount of water! The fact that padel enthusiasts have previously asked for information on where exactly in their boat serves as evidence.

In contrast to conventional courts, the self-supporting design of SSCo eliminates the need for poles and plugs on the deck. The short is hence appropriate for ships that are unable to carry extra equipment. Furthermore, the modular design can be mounted on the bow or helipad and accommodate a wide variety of yacht layouts.

Josh Richardson, CEO of SSCo commented: “We believe that being on the water should not restrict the choice of sports available, and we always strive to be one step ahead. Having designed, developed and tested this system extensively, we are confident we can offer it to all superyachts.”

The court is made of mesh and plexiglass panels with a sleek carbon frame. As a result, the structure is both light and powerful. SSCo claims it’s simple to construct and store. The flat panels make it simple to store the land.