The Babolat Lamborghini partnership’s debut product is the BL001.

The BL001 is a limited edition racket designed by Babolat and Lamborghini, inspired by sports car chassis styling. Made from carbon fiber, it promises power, control, and strength. The collaboration aims to achieve maximum performance. The BL001 is a showcase product, with only 50 made and available for pre-order in five colors. The BL002 and BL003 commercial models will be released in 2025, based on the technology of the initial racket.

the babolat lamborghini partnership's debut product is the bl001.
the babolat lamborghini partnership's debut product is the bl001.

Inspired by the styling of sports car chassis, the BL001 is constructed from carbon fiber, a material that the Italian manufacturer uses in its Bologna cradle. This monocoque frame that extends into the handle is composed of carbon fiber. A combination of power, control, and strength is what this technology promises.

Thus, the BL001 is a result of Babolat’s product development knowledge and Lamborghini’s proficiency with composite fibers. The end product is a racket with a single, shared objective: achieving maximum performance.

Collector’s racket

Above all, the BL001 serves as a showcase product for this collaboration. It is a distinguished collector’s racket in an extremely limited edition that was created using the same equipment, materials, and techniques as high-end Italian sports car makers.

The technical teams of Babolat and Lamborghini worked closely together for six months to develop this model, which was then entirely crafted through artisanal manufacturing. This demonstrates the two brands’ goal of creating a remarkable product with a ground-breaking design.

Only 50

There will only be 50 of these palas made, and they will be available for pre-order in five distinct colors to the general public. This outstanding product represents the first step towards a historic collaboration: Babolat will work toward producing the BL002 and BL003, two commercial models that will be made available to the general public in 2025 and based on the technology of this initial racket. These palas might be found as early as 2025.