Paquito Navarro will play with Pablo Cardona in the Finnish P2 tournament

Paquito Navarro has chosen Pablo Cardona for a Finnish P2 tournament, following Juan Lebron's breakup with him. Cardona, a 19-year-old from Extremadura, has been a fast-growing padel prospect. Navarro trusts Cardona for the test, but MARCA will assess the project's continuation once it's over.

navarro cardona

Paquito Navarro has already chosen a partner… at least for a tournament. The Sevillian, after Juan Lebron’s decision to break up with him and join Martín Di Nenno after the Málaga tournament (July 6-14), has chosen the player from Extremadura Pablo Cardona to compete in the Finnish P2 to be held on 27 July to August 4.

The 19-year-old left-hander has been one of the fastest-growing prospects in the world of padel in recent years and this has put him in the top rankings after the split between the 3rd and 4th pairs of Premier Padel. Navarro has placed his trust in him for this test, as Veintediez has revealed , but according to what MARCA has been able to find out, once it is over they will sit down and assess whether or not the project will continue.