RUMOURS. Will Stupaczuk partner with Yanguas, Sanz or Cardona?

2024 has been a busy year for couples changing, with Juan Lebron splitting with Navarro and returning to play with Martín Di Nenno.

miguel yanguas and franco stupaczuk

As far as couples changing is concerned, 2024 has been one of the busiest years in recent times. If a few weeks into the season, everything was shaken by the separation of Juan Lebrón and Ale Galán, a few months later an even stronger aftershock has arrived.

Juan Lebron decided to spilt with Navarro and he will return to the other side to play with Martín Di Nenno. Many of us could foresee that Paquito and Lebron had their tournaments numbered after their image in the Italian Major; But no one could have expected this change.

Yanguas, Sanz and Cardona appear on the horizon regarding who is going to partner with Stupa. What has caught us all by surprise is that change of side from the Cádiz native, perhaps the logical thing would have been to call Stupa. Still, the results will tell. Lebron will return the other way around five years later.

Miguel Yanguas the chosen one?

According to Padel y Cervecitas Franco Stupaczuk will form a duo with Miguel Yanguas after the P1 in Malaga. We are waiting for the official announcement.