These the players who took advantage of the Premier Padel break to play the FIP Gold in Valladolid

The FIP Gold in Valladolid, part of the CUPRA FIP Tour, will take place from June 27 to 29 at Club Raqueta. The event will feature top-50 players from Premier Padel, with 125 points distributed for winners. The event is expected to attract prominent players.

leo augsburger

Everything is ready for the FIP Gold in Valladolid , which will be held at the Club Raqueta between June 27 and 29. A tournament that is part of the CUPRA FIP Tour, although many top-50 players who regularly play in Premier Padel will be part of the programming.

Initially, the Castilian city was going to host a Platinum category tournament, but, after the commotion caused by its absence from the Premier Padel calendar, the organization finally decided to include it . Thus, the people of Valladolid will be able to enjoy two high-level tests in 2024.

The week of rest between the Major in Rome and the P2 in Genoa (June 30-July 7) has allowed many prominent players in the ranking not to miss this event, which is held in one of the meccas of Spanish padel and international.

Thus, this first tournament of the CUPRA FIP Tour season will be a great opportunity to see the best padel in the world, with the opportunity to see some unprecedented pairs in action or, on the contrary, witness how other pairs say goodbye. All this, distributing a total of 125 points for the winners.

The list will be headed by Juanlu Esbri and Javi Rico , who this season have reached two quarterfinals in Premier Padel. They are followed by the young Edu Alonso-Leo Augsburger , with other players who have been putting in good performances such as Bautista-Guerrero, Barahona-Chozas or Cepero-Benítez, among others.