Padel is finally taking off in Asia with Pro Padel League and the Asia Pacific Padel Tour

Padel is gaining global attention due to competitions like the Pro Padel League and Asia Pacific Padel Tour (APPT), which promote the sport. The APPT has over 800 players from 70 nationalities, reaching countries like South Korea, Australia, and India by 2025.

padel in asia

It is a fact that padel is a global phenomenon, that it is increasingly played in more places, and that in areas such as the United States or Asia it is becoming a major focus of attention, too.

And all of this is due in large part to two competitions, the Pro Padel League and the Asia Pacific Padel Tour (APPT ), which are helping to make the sport of padel racket much more known and for potential fans to see the attractions it has.

Focusing on the latter, we want to bring you some data that confirms its growth in the short time it has been in force and that also demonstrates how the Asian public is finding in paddle tennis an alternative to their daily routine despite being a sport that apparently does not fit very well. with their culture.

The APPT has been established in places such as Japan, China, the Philippines, Bali, Malaysia, Dubai and hopes to reach others such as South Korea, Australia or India in 2025, already counting on a whopping more than 800 players of more than 70 different nationalities, since not only locals compete in it, but also athletes from Spain, France, the United Kingdom, Germany, Italy or South America, having increased the number of tournaments initially planned this year from six to 11 and having implemented the mixed category with great success.