Bea González will not play the Rome Major!

Bea González, a Malaga-based tennis player, has been diagnosed with a superficial thrombus in her left foot, preventing her from competing in the Rome Major tournament. Despite the injury, González plans to return to 20 x 10 after a few days of recovery. The injury coincides with the Rome Major tournament, which distributes 2,000 points to the winning couple. Delfi and Tamara Icardo's aspirations to become No. 1 may be affected by the injury. The long-term impact of González's injury is unknown, but it is combined with the recent injury to Tamara Icardo forcing Ale Salazar to find a new partner.

bea gonzález will be absent from the rome major!

One of the worst things about sports, if not the worst, are injuries. Unfortunately, this time the victim was Bea González . The woman from Malaga just shared this post through her Instagram account.

“I’m sad, I’m not going to deny it to you, but these are things that happen and health is above all else . Now it’s time to raise my head, recover well and come back strong . I assure you that when I return I will be different, I plan to take on the world, always with a smile .”

As she has reported, she has been diagnosed with a thrombus in her left foot , fortunately, this must be superficial and her recovery time will not be so long.

At the moment, Bea González’s injury will prevent her from competing in the Rome Major, which has already closed registration, and in the absence of progress, it is not known how long she will be away from the competition. According to her words, it does not seem to be something at all alarming and after a few days of recovery she will be able to return to 20 × 10.

Injuries are always a setback and are never welcome, but the worst of all is that it just coincided with Rome, a Major category tournament that distributes 2,000 points to the winning couple. Perhaps, Bea and Delfi’s aspirations to get No. 1 involved playing a great role in this test.

At the moment the big unknown is how long Bea González will be out, it does not seem to be a long-term injury; so Delfi will not have to look for a new partner. But this bad news is also combined with the recent injury to Tamara Icardo , which has forced Ale Salazar to look for a new pair .