How to Return 5 tough serves!

The coach teaches techniques for handling various spins, slice, back spin, and fast serves, emphasizing proper positioning, anticipating the serve, and encouraging viewers to sign up for free trial resources.

The coach covers dealing with various spins, including side spin on the left-hand side, slice from a lefty serve, back spin from a right-hander, and fast serves. The objective is to get the ball back in play and maintain consistency. Proper ready positioning, such as facing the opponent and separating one small step back, is essential. The return position should be good to begin with, and the ball should rebound off the front part of the glass for an effective return.

Techniques for dealing with low, fast slices and left-handed or backhand serves with side spin are provided, emphasizing the importance of anticipating the serve and adjusting accordingly. The coach encourages viewers to sign up for a free trial at for more return improvement resources.