The Rafa Nadal Padel Tour debuts in Santander with the help of his sister Maribel

The Adecco Group's Rafa Nadal Pádel Tour will begin in Santander with 32 amateur teams, divided into four categories. The tournament will later visit Madrid, Valladolid, Marbella, Alicante, and Barcelona. Winners will qualify for the final in December. Participants will enjoy activities, a welcome pack, and raffles.

the rafa nadal pádel tour debuts in santander

The Rafa Nadal Padel Tour by The Adecco Group will debut its competition in Santander , at the G6 club, from this Thursday until Sunday, June 9, with 32 teams of 6 players each.

The teams, which will be amateur level, will be divided into four categories, two men’s and two women’s, who will fight to break the record of a tournament that will later visit Madrid, Valladolid, Marbella, Alicante and Barcelona , ​​as reported this Monday by the organization. it’s a statement.

The winners in Santander will be eligible to get a ticket for the final , which will be held in December at the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar facilities in Mallorca.

All teams will play a minimum of two qualifying rounds , and will be able to enjoy the activities scheduled during the course of the event, which include the Mahou Musical Afternoon , on Saturday, and those organized by Babolat within the Padel Club’s own courts. G6. Additionally, with registration, the 192 players will receive a ‘welcome Pack’ and there will be raffles and gifts from the circuit partners.

Nadal’s sister on the competition

The deputy general director of the Rafa Nadal Academy by Movistar, Maribel Nadal, has assured that they are “very eager” for the test to begin in Santander due to the “good reception” that the circuit has had and the “speed” with which they have been pointed out the teams.

“It has been a shame that so many teams have been left on the waiting list . We are convinced that this model that combines sport and leisure is going to be a success and we hope that all players enjoy it from the first minute,” he concluded.