Coello and Tapia won the Banco de Chile Santiago Premier Padel P1 tournament beating Chingotto and Galan

Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia emerged as champions in the Premier Pádel Santiago P1 2024, defeating Federico Chingotto and Alejandro Galán in three sets. The match began with intense play, with Coello and Tapia dominating the first set. Chingotto and Galán fought back in the second set, but Coello-Tapia secured the third set with a 6-0, 4-6, 6-4 victory, solidifying their status as the world's best doubles pair.

Arturo Coello and Agustín Tapia emerged as the champions in the Premier Pádel Santiago P1 2024. In a thrilling final, they defeated Federico Chingotto and Alejandro Galán in three sets. Let’s dive into the details:

  1. First Set (6-0): Coello and Tapia started the match with incredible intensity. The Spanish-Argentinian duo dominated their opponents, winning the first set by a convincing 6-0 in just 22 minutes. Their inspired play set the tone for the final.
  2. Second Set (4-6): Chingotto and Galán fought back in the second set. They came out more aggressive, and the crowd of 10,000 spectators at the Movistar Arena witnessed an exciting battle. The Argentine pair managed to break Coello-Tapia’s serve, securing the set with a 6-4 scoreline.
  3. Third Set (6-4): The third set was equally intense. Coello-Tapia maintained their focus and secured an early break. Despite Chingotto’s efforts to stay in the match, Coello-Tapia regained the break and closed out the final with a 6-0, 4-6, 6-4 victory, adding another title to their impressive record.

This victory marks their triumph in the Premier Pádel Santiago 2024, solidifying their status as the world’s best doubles pair. The match showcased exceptional skill, determination, and a true ode to the sport of pádel!