Paquito Navarro: “I will play with Juanito LeBron until he wants”

Paquito Navarro discussed his relationship with Juan Lebron in an interview after qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Santiago Premier Padel P1. The conversation went viral during a bench pass and their reconciliation after the match. Navarro downplayed the situation and believes in the couple's future, stating he will play with Juanito until he wants to separate.

After qualifying for the quarterfinals of the Santiago Premier Padel P1 , Paquito Navarro spoke to Veinte Diez in an interview in which he spoke, among other things, about his relationship with Juan Lebron .

A couple of days ago the discussion between Paquito Navarro and Juan Lebron went viral during one of the bench passes in the round of 16 match and their subsequent reconciliation after the match. On social media, Paquito downplayed what happened: “Now you’re surprised, but if they had bugged us in 2019 you’d be amazed.”

About that discussion, Paquito said this: “We have that confidence to tell each other and then redirect the couple, or try, it is shock therapy. For better and for worse, I am playing with a guy with whom I have a lot of confidence, that I can tell him anything and he can tell me anything, but, at the next point, we are there or it even takes pressure off us to continue playing .

In fact, some were talking about a possible separation after the words they had at the end of the game. This is what Paquito Navarro says about it: “In my case I already said it, I have no better option than Juanito and I also believe in the couple . I say it openly, I will play with Juanito until he wants . If he believes that with another player he will do better, I will tell him: thank you very much for having thought of me at a time in your life when you were at the Top and you thought of me and for giving me the opportunity. I’ll give him a hug and wish him the best. But, today, I only think about this tournament, in Rome where we are also signed up, and doing our best to try to convince him that this couple has a future.”