The Institute of Biomechanics and the UPV award the best padel rackets and shoes on the market in the Best Padel Awards

The Best Padel Awards have awarded 8 awards to the best padel rackets and shoes, bringing together brands and players. Testea Pádel, in collaboration with the Institute of Biomechanics and ai2-UPV Institute, conducted over 300 laboratory tests to analyze aspects like manageability, ball output, sweet zone, power, and control.

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A total of 8 awards, 5 categories of padel rackets and 3 of shoes, have been awarded in the second edition of the Best Padel Awards , awards that have achieved an important place in the padel industry by bringing together the interest of both brands and Players.

Testea Pádel,  in collaboration with the Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) and the Institute of Automation and Industrial Computing (Instituto ai2) of the Polytechnic University of Valencia, has presented the awards to the best padel rackets and shoes within the framework of the Padel World Summit in Malaga, the largest world event for paddle tennis professionals.

After more than 300 laboratory tests, the winners not only have the support of scientific knowledge, but also of technological research and the sports sector. ” Our goal is for the player to have a guide and a reference to know which products will best respond to what they need, in a totally scientific and objective way, based 100% on laboratory results ,” says Jordi Piedra, CEO by Testea Padel .

From the Testea Pádel Laboratory of the ai2-UPV Institute,  tests have been carried out on the rackets to analyze aspects such as  manageability, ball output, sweet zone, power and control, among others, to analyze the 5 categories of award-winning rackets. ” The blades have gone through different tests to measure the characteristics of the game objectively: the moments of inertia in the different axes in an inertia test, the ball output in the low-speed pendulum station, the power in the of accelerated pendulum and the sweet spot with the robotic energy characterization station “, explains Toni Correcher, Researcher in charge of the Testea Padel Laboratory of the ai2 Institute.

Complete list of winners

Winners for the best racket on the market:

– Best Control Racket – Nox ML10 Bahia

– Best Hybrid Racket – Dunlop Galactica Pro

– Best Hybrid Control Racket – Nox ML10 Procup

– Best Hybrid Power Racket –  Siux Electra ST3

– Best Power Racket – Head Extreme Pro

Winners for the best shoe on the market:

–  Best in Comfort – Fitting – Head Boa

– Best in Power – Nox AT10 Lux

– Best in Cushioning – Kuikma PS PRO