VIDEO. A “padel wedding” filmed on social media

Padel tennis, a popular sport in Spain, has become a popular wedding tradition. Couples who share a passion for the sport often use it as a show during their wedding. A TikTok video by @energypadel showcases a couple using paddle tennis rackets instead of swords for a walk after their wedding. The couple's surprise and happiness at the end of the video demonstrate the power of sports in bringing people together.

a padel wedding

Padel tennis is one of the most fashionable sports in Spain in recent years. The large number of tracks that have been open for quite some time and the small number of people needed to play make it an easy hobby to practice.

It is quite normal to find wedding couples who are both fans of paddle tennis, and if they get married, sometimes that common hobby is used by the wedding guests to put on a show.

This is demonstrated in a video that the @energypadel account posted on TikTok and has received over 150,000 views, which shows what transpired in a link between two padel enthusiasts.

As is customary at all weddings, the couple and a few friends went for a walk immediately after saying “I do.” But instead of using swords, they were going to use paddle tennis rackets this time.

The newlyweds were greeted with laughs from the husband and wife, who couldn’t believe what they had put together, as everyone in attendance raised their shovels to allow them to descend.

At the urging of their friends, the two of them melt into a kiss as the film comes to a conclusion, proving that sports can bring people together.

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