PADEL TACTICS. What to do if they put you in the fridge

"The Fridge" is a Padel strategy where one player is sidelined, causing frustration and confusion. To counter this, stay away from the fridge, never turn on sleep mode, establish a support system, switch sides, and play one-on-one matches. Remember to maintain focus, express trust, and focus on the team's mental toughness and physical prowess. This technique is not recommended in friendly games, as everyone deserves to enjoy and share the court equally.

player in the fridge

In Padel, “The Fridge” refers to a scenario in which the other team purposefully sidelines a player, directing all balls toward that player’s partner. Due to their inability to participate in the game, one player is left “cold,” or placed in the fridge as it were. Both players may become frustrated as a result of being overloaded with balls while the other is left out.

This is what can we done when a member of your team is in the “fridge.”

Stay AWAY What Is Not Yours!

Within the Fridge are you. You see your partner having trouble, and you’re not receiving any balls. It would be very bad if your initial response was to try to “save” your partner while also trying to capture some balls.

This will confuse your partner, who won’t know what to hit and what to let go of, cause you to take needless risks, attempt to hit balls that are not yours, and leave your side of the court vacant. When they witness two disoriented players racing around and creating extra space for their next shot, your opponents will undoubtedly find this amusing.

Never Turn on Sleep Mode

Even when you’re not participating in the game, it’s imperative to maintain focus and activity. Avoid standing still.

Establish a “Support System”

Remain composed and express your complete trust to your companion while you are in the refrigerator. Remember that your partner is already under a lot of pressure and needs your help; else, the contest will only be 3 vs 1. Make sure that any unfavorable remarks or gestures won’t assist in any situation.

Not only does your partner want to win the game, but so do you. The result of this match will be determined by your partner. Remind them that you have faith in them and that the two of you can overcome this strategy. They’ll get wings from it!

Switch Sides

If both players are capable of managing on both sides of the court, it might work well. Opponents may have to modify their shots to continue playing on the weaker player if the sides switch during the point or while serving. Additionally, this will enable the player in the Fridge to continue playing the game and touch certain balls.

One against one

It’s just a matter of applying the same strategy! It’s one way to counter the Fridge technique in padel, but it can make the battle into an odd one-on-one match. The team’s mental toughness, the players’ level of awareness, and the skill, stamina, and physical prowess of the two duelers will then determine the outcome of the match.

One more thing to keep in mind is that using the Fridge technique in a friendly game is frowned upon and improper. Everyone deserves to enjoy and have fun, especially when there is no competition. All four players are there to have a good time and share the court equally.