After 4 years apart, Fernando Belasteguín and Agustín Tapia played together again.

bela and tapia

One of those events that brings back memories happened this Thursday. We were able to recapture that moment in 2020 when Fernando Belasteguín and Agustín Tapia participated in the World Padel Tour together.

Both Argentines now met four years later to train at the Mataró Indoor Paddle facility. Fede Louteiro (@fedeloute on Instagram) posted this series, which has generated a ton of conversation in the last few days:

They engaged in a training match. The Japanese paddle tennis player Kazuki Tomita posted a portion of the training match between Agustín Tapia and Fernando Belasteguín and Ferrán Insa and Joaquim Florensa on YouTube:

In 2019, Fernando Belasteguín made the decision to forego spending time with Pablo Lima, the couple that had topped the charts for three years running, in favor of a young Agustín Tapia.

Playing together, they won three titles in the second half of that season and the whole following one. In 2020, Tapia became the youngest “master” in tournament history when he won the Final Master in Menorca and Sardinia, following his first-ever triumph in the Madrid Master in his rookie season.

Since their breakup, a lot of things have happened. Tapia is currently establishing himself in the padel world alongside Arturo Coello, who she was named number one in 2023. Even though Galán and Chingotto are now complicating matters for them, they are destined to be a vintage pair.

Fernando Belasteguín, on the other hand, is entering his final season as a professional after working on multiple projects (including ones with Sanyo, Yanguas, and Capra). Now, the Pehuajó player and his countryman Juan Tello are working on a Sevilla P2 project together. They are playing on the exact same side of the court as they did when Tapia was on the drive.